Friday, July 02, 2010

Fourth of July - happy birthday, USA

a four day weekend - whoo hooo! and in case I'd forgotten that it's PCS season I went on post to see the Dr. and go to the commissary - yes, I KNOW, it's Payday, 4 day weekend... I KNOW!! every moving company in the area - on Belvoir! jeez. and the commissary? they are redoing it, they have moved absolutely everything and haven't restocked - yeah momma... NOT fun. All the retirees were in, had to wait for a freakin' cart! sigh.

Farmers Market Kingstowne - stocked up on buffalo, the great great great bratwurst and italian sausage at Cibola farms - some fruit, veg, bread.. OK - got everything except mangos for the fruit salad.

Now - the neighbour with all the noisy toys is out.. ran his mower, and his edger, and his weed whip, and his compressor for the hose... he hasn't hauled out the leaf blower yet - I'm waiting for it...

now, going to watch Crazy Heart - good first day of the four day weekend. ttyl.

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Anonymous said...

I have learned not to go to the PX/commissary here in the morning. They are understaffed, and it's busy. Nothing ever really happens except I wait around a lot. Hope your weekend was awesome!