Thursday, July 29, 2010

Monique - now Emma

We were fostering a cat from the shelter group I volunteer with, and after a rocky start, things have progressed well. JJcat, the elder statesman who rules the house, has gradually taken to her, and is playing/chasing with her. There was no way in hell we were returning her to the cages, so decided to finalize her adoption.

Her name WAS Monique - hate the name... we are trying out other names for her. She answers to nothing at all - but what do we feel she looks like. She's a very plain cat, a Domestic Short Hair blue grey tabby - we thought a good simple name would work. I liked either Emily or Emma.. so we'll see.

She's still a little spooked by loud noises, tends to play bite when she gets riled up which is NOT allowed on people and learning that the spray bottle or a loud "ah ah" means stop that NOW. She has her room, with box, tower, scratching pad for nights to separate her from JJcat (we like sleeping, and the herd of elephant running up and down the stairs isn't conducive to snoozing) and for eating. JJ is a snacker, Emma is a vacuum cleaner, so for meal times with wet food, they have to be separated. She needs to lose some weight, after all she was in the cages for 6 months, without a lot of exercise and was pretty depressed - stress eater (like me!)

The newest member of the family!



Linda said...

You're a good kitty mom! Emma is a good name, and you're doing all the right things, including adopting her! I had 2 cats once (my ex got custody of them when we divorced, but for the benefit of the kitties, we both felt it best they say in one place) and the 2nd one was a rescue (she was headed to the pound). Punkin (I didn't name her!) was huge...and was a vacuum, too. We separated them as well - she couldn't climb, so we put Skittles' (I didn't name her either) bowl on the refrigerator so she could go snack when she wanted and Punkin got hers on the floor.

anyway, glad to know you're a cat lover!

Anonymous said...

She is a pretty cat! I hope you decide on the perfect name. Good for figuring out how to feed them- much pet-parent respect to you.
My old roommate's cat was so co-dependent that it would whine allll night while the roomie was away. And scratch my ankles in the night. Kind of burned me out on cats for myself.

Bette said...

Awww, cutie! You're right -- she does look like our older kitty. So glad she has a great home!

TAW said...

Enjoy your new addition. :) I hope your two are able to get along - I find that having two cats keeps them both pretty active. They just naturally entertain and annoy each other (but, herd of elephant paws can be annoying lol)