Wednesday, July 14, 2010

life as an LLC

Now that I'm not working full time in an office, I'm finding life - different! I go in once a week and get work from the part time data entry job, and bring it home. Monday, the trip was fraught with delays, heat and cranky commuters, which just reinforced my decision to quit the rat race. I got my first client on Friday thanks to the connections of a good friend (thank you, Kristy!), and have been pretty busy getting into a routine, data entry and online research! I have a meeting next week for, hopefully, another client. After the initial few weeks of sending out resumes with mixed results (mostly phone calls for interviews for full time jobs) I am no longer in total despair, second guessing myself and worrying that I had screwed up big time! To all those friends who told me it would be ok, thank you.

It's interesting being at home, the foster cat and established cat have more time together since they are only allowed out together when someone is home! I do have to stop myself from cleaning, or shopping etc... I've given myself one morning a week to take care of things like grocery shopping and vet appointments. A friend who has worked from home for years, reminded me that I cannot be the "person at home" for the neighbours, but in this street, there are a lot of people at home, so that won't be a problem. I''d still like to find some work as a part time paralegal, ideally for an attorney who does VA appeals... but that's harder to find.

The biggest benefit, besides the lack of stress from the previous job, is the enjoyment! I enjoy what I do (the data entry not so much, perhaps) but definitely the internet related work, and I love love love not having a long commute (usually an hour or so, but longer in the summer). I think I am much more productive, and certainly less stressed out when I get home.

so, friends, a little from me, how about you?


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TAW said...

I actually found it a little harder to work at home. It had many benefits (like the commute... and the clothing lol) but in so many ways it was convincing the rest of the world that I was really at work and that I wasn't available to chat on the phone or stop for coffee or ...whatever.

But, I'm glad you're finding life good. :)