Friday, August 07, 2009

something useful

I love my IPod. I love being able to get my BBC podcasts and listen to them while I'm on the Metro or at work (some very LOUD attorneys on my hall, who do conferences by speaker phone). So when it froze up completely the other day, I was NOT happy. It had been acting up for a few days. took a couple more taps to get to menu etc. What to do... find the Apple Store and stand in line for hours - no, I don't have time for that. Think!

Googled IPod diagnostics - and voila! I'm sure lots of you knew this, but if you didn't, this could save you a trip/wait or some frustration.



Tucker said...

Woah... that will come in SUPER handy in the future. Mine is older and so I forsee these things happening to me soon. Thanks Lady!

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

Hopefully I won't need it but looks VERY handy! :)

Linda said...

Unfortunately, this doesn't help my poor iPod, which has suffered the "white screen of death" (google that one, seriously). Since it's whitescreen, I can not make any changes to it. It DOES play, but it starts at the very beginning of the play list, EVERY time...and I have no shuffle, volume control, etc. I have tried every diagnostic and suggestion out there, short of taking it apart, of course...though that may happen soon. Why not? It doesn't work NOW, what more damage could I do? I'm missing my iPod...but hey, for what I paid, I guess I can't complain! (I won it from SpouseBuzz for a "what's your story" contest!) And the newer ones are bigger, which will make me happier when I can finally convince my cheapskate husband that I DO need a new one.

RangersGirl said...

How cool! I have to laugh, I work in IT and I was once talking about having to replace the memory in my computer because something really bad happened - - an my boss was amazed that I was able to do this by myself. um, I am a systems analyst, dude.