Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Jet Lag - Exhaustion Haze

So, I got back Sunday afternoon, and went to work yesterday. 300+ emails, some the "using printer 2 for large project", but many of substance... and nothing was computing in my head! trying to get the insurance/bank bit accomplished, calling mortgage company, dealing with workmen by phone, trying to get with realtor, renters, mortgage company, and all while feeling fuzzyheaded. I even had to tell one of the attorneys that I really wasn't going to be able to help him out until the next day - I couldn't rely on my work product to be accurate with the way I was feeling.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that I got an extra day with Chief by both of us flying out on the last possible day. But I coulda used a day without being at work to recover - napping would be a start! And the house is bare of essentials - need a commissary run big time - but tonight is my night to clean cat cages at Petsmart/FancyCats. I'm unpacked, which is good. If I don't unpack right away, that suitcase could be standing in the corner for a few days - and that could be bad, if you know what I mean! I've been doing laundry - but I'm running out of detergent - need to put that on the list as well.

A good night's sleep last night helped. I'm almost feeling human. got bills paid, got cheques deposited (LOVE the online cheque deposit from USAA) and now hoping that the work day will feel better. Need to write reviews for the hotels we stayed in, the thank you letter to the last one....



loquita said...

Ugh, 300 emails -- that is so much worse than I've ever had to deal with at work, but then again I've never gone away for 2 weeks.

I give you my sympathies for dealing with your old house remotely. I found it difficult to deal with selling my place in PA, and I wasn't working so I could make calls and take calls anytime. Keeping my fingers crossed you find a buyer...

As for unpacking, I'm definitely like you -- gotta do it right away, or it takes 2 weeks. heh :)

Bette said...

You need a vacation to recover from your vacation!

In theory, I know I should take an extra catch-up day before going back to work. But like you, I want to soak up every minute of vacay. Time with our sweethearts is too precious to do it any other way.

(And yes, I love Deposit @ Home too!)

Halahblue said...

300 emails?. It's good that you were to take the work as it came and push through your day. I love USAA but we can't do deposit @ home because we won't get another credit card (ie theirs). Bummer, but that's the only way you can do the deposits.

I hear you about unpacking too. I have to do it as soon as I get home or else I'll be living out of a suitcase for a month.

I hope you get some rest and get back into the groove.

RangersGirl said...

I hope you post some pictures from Ireland and Scotland.