Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Senator Kennedy

RIP Teddy. Your dream of universal healthcare isn't done yet, but we are working on it. For all your faults, your past, your foibles, your mistakes - you were a passionate liberal, you refused to be ashamed of that honourable label, you worked hard for the causes you believed in. We'll miss you.

I'm already seeing some revolting remarks by people from whom I expected some semblance of taste and class. How sad that they cannot wait a few hours to begin their nastiness.


silver star said...

He's no longer suffering from cancer, RIP.

Linda said...

While I didn't follow his political beliefs, I honestly believe that anyone who dies doesn't deserve to be maligned. Whatever they did on earth in their life here, it's done. Say a prayer for the man. Rest in Peace, Teddy. You'll be welcomed into the folds of all those in your family who have gone before you. Whole, healthy and happy once again.

lbradshaw said...

Senator Teddy Kennedy was a great person who accomplished so much in his career. I am saddened that he wasn't able to see us pass a healthcare reform bill, but am hopeful that we can look past the partisanship on the hill to pass something that Teddy would have been proud of. As a woman, I have so much respect for this man for all that he did for equal rights. He will be sorely missed.