Monday, August 24, 2009

I know. I know... I KNOW!!!

I owe y'all a large post about the great fun we had. I know, I owe y'all something decent written with care. But I'm addicted - to something new. My blogs are suffering, the blog I share with great friends is too, the apartment is a wreck. And why, you ask? (and you really don't give a rip, but I'm being egotistical today)

KNITTING! On the shared blog - we have a great friend, who loves to knit and is so enthusiastic about it, her nickname is the neighbourhood crack dealer of knitting. Many trips to Michaels later, I have a tote, various sizes of needles, yarn (and I have a huge bin of yarn left over from crochet projects and from my mother's stash as well), patterns and I even joined Ravelry online - to look for more yarn, patterns.... it's an addiction!

so forgive the lack of writing. I'll get my act together soon - my knitting will go back to being something else I do, instead of the ONLY thing I've done. k1, p1, YO....



Anonymous said...

I'm an enabler, what can I say?
(And how could I forget the Yarn Girls? They have a book for wee ones and of course there's some cute cardis in there!)

Bette said...

No worries, because I understand. Boy, do I ever!

[Logging off to get a few rows knitted before work.]

loquita said...

Yarn is a great distraction during a deployment. :)

dutchgirl said...

Too funny! I'm glad you're enjoying it (and that everybody had a good visit)... it's been great to see all this knitting popping up :)