Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wounded Warrior Project

So... I just sat and bawled like a 2 year old watching the CMA's - and saw Trace Adkins and the West Point Glee Club sing for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Normally, I'd put a link in right about here... but I can't. The page won't load, the traffic seems to be so heavy that there isn't a way to get through. And I'm so happy about that! I'm hoping every single person who goes to wounded warrior buys that download. I'll put the link in as soon as I can get it!

I was so impressed with the wounded warrior chosen to introduce the piece - he said it all - this is about the warriors, not the war. If we can all remember that!

**** I managed to get on this morning - but be patient, load time takes quite a while, due to increased traffic! That's wonderful!



Anonymous said...

I saw that performance too and got weepy. Very moving!

The Mrs. said...

Amazing preformance!

oh and about the tuna... dont let the "salad" part fool you, it was a sloppy sub it swiss cheese, loads of mayo and not an ounce of lettuce on there. and the salty fries were the appetizer. sigh. my bathing suit isnt going to fit for vacation next month but why say no to a twinkie?

GSMSO- Gold Star Mom Speaks Out said...

The West Point Choir sounded like angels on this song. It was so moving! I even downloaded it so some $$ could go to the WWP.