Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's the little things that help the most

Chief emailed me today and alerted me to this group. Now he loves music - plays guitar, is trying to learn the bagpipes (oh, the dog LOVED that one... howled in a descant!) and the mandolin, plays harmonica... and when he saw Operation Happy Note, he was intrigued. Then he saw - they are from Fergus Falls Minnesota, so there's a "home state" connection for us.

The Baker's, from Fergus Falls MN sent their son and a friend of his guitars when they were deployed in 2005. Since then, they set up Operation Happy Note, and have been sending all kinds of instruments, guitars, violins, banjos, mandolins, harmonicas to deployed troops. They have help from manufacturers, but the shipping costs - are up to OHN and can be quite high (as you and I know from sending our care packages!) It's hard to know that there are instruments waiting to be sent to someone who could use that escape that can be found in making music, because of postage!

If you are feeling in the giving mood - think about Operation Happy Note Oh - Pass it On!


Bette said...

This makes me smile, because last time my sweetie was deployed, he asked me to send him a violin, which he had decided to learn to play.

I wouldn't call him accomplished yet, but he can drive the cat out of the room with a few deft bowings!

jlc said...

Yay for guitar!!!! I'm a sucker for all acoustic guitar. <333

Hubbs can play but he's better at bass. Can't quite bring a bass to Iraq huh? :)

liberal army wife said...

Actually - take a look at the photos on their site - I think I saw one! There's a guy with an accordion on there!


Tucker said...

This is an awesome idea and makes me all kinds of happy! Thanks for posting this LAW!

Anonymous said...

Thats funny! I just bought hubbie a guitar. But I will only send him the picture, there is no space in his tenth for one.

Kanani said...

Great stuff. I love that this guitar was signed by the 3rd infantry.
Anyway, I'll spread the word.
This week I'll be writing about the proposed changes to TriCare. But only after I finish a story on Anne Bowen's wedding gowns.

LostWarriorPoet said...

Speaking of care packages, the last one you sent to me arrived safely and was promptly pounced upon by my new squad. I told them it works out better to have the cookies with the coffee, but it took me brewing up a pot to sell them on the concept. Thanks so very much LAW!