Monday, April 06, 2009

A wounded National Guardsman

This family needs our help - our support. This story hit me very hard, SFC Kevin Dupont is a 52 year old Massachusetts National Guardsman - he was VSI in Afghanistan and is now in an induced coma at Brooke Army Medical Center. He's our age! He could be home, in Massachusetts, with his family but he volunteered to go. His wife is also Guard, an MP and did her tour in Iraq. This brings back so many memories of our time in the MN Guard and for me, this is what the Guard is, a family affair and now one of our family needs support. A fund has been set up - the address is on Blackfive - the link is here. Please, drop by and read the full account. Send his wife Lisa a note of encouragement - she reads everything to Kevin.



Kanani said...

Burn victims of this magnitude have a very difficult recovery. My prayers to him and his family.

Roger said...

It is now June, SFC Dupont continues to fight to recover. I have been following him on Caringbridge and Lisa is doing an amazing job, and deserves all our thoughts and prayers.

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