Monday, April 20, 2009

MSRRA - time to get loud, Y'all!

From the MSRRA site: From Monday, April 20th to Friday, May 8th (Military Spouses Appreciation Day) we are launching a campaign to inundate the Senate with calls from military spouses urging their Senators to sign on as Co-Sponsors of this bill and show their support of Military Spouses. We truly believe in the power of the Military Spouse network and need your help in order to get this legislation signed into law."

Now, from me - call the Senator from your home state, call the Senator from the state you live in now, call the Senator from the state you lived in before you PCSed...CALL - Email - if you see one of them in town, talk to them. Call the local office, call the DC office, ask for the Military coordinator, ask for the Veteran's coordinator, the Women's issue coordinator - We need to be heard! Call your friends, tell them to call. There are thousands of military spouses out there - let's just call this our ultimate phone tree.



Anonymous said...

Hi LAW, sounds like a good idea for all of us to do! I'll fire off an email to my reps. Thanks for the heads up. Hope to see you around.

(army)Wife said...

What's the bill? Did I miss it somewhere?

BerkeleygirlArmywife said...

I will be there...thanks for the heads up.