Saturday, April 11, 2009

That BLOODY Cat!

I've been worrying, the cat is going through one of his phases of "I don't want to eat this... or that.... and not that either".. (which is why my kitchen cupboard is full of different cans of cat food) He first decides on one, then after a few days he refuses to touch it, and I get a few different ones, till he chooses another kind to be the favourite. But right now, he only wants treats and won't touch the food. I checked his litter box - Nothing. So I'm worrying he's not - let's find a nice euphemism - voiding at all. I checked around the apartment, no little piles or wet spots... I'm thinking the vet, ya know?

THEN I checked out on the balcony. A large pot that did hold a tomato plant last year, that I hadn't bought a plant to put in yet was sitting there... and I wondered what on earth.... Yeah. the little brat has been using IT for his litter box! So that soil has to be emptied out. I have the pot covered. covered all the other pots too - and I suppose I should be glad he's not sick, that I don't have to take him to the vet, but this is the first time I've had box problems with him.

That BLOODY bloody cat!

*** After a full day of his stubbornly standing by the balcony door and yelling, with me not opening it... the sweet sound of the automatic litter box proved, once again, the woman with the opposable thumbs WINS! ****



RangersGirl said...

He may like the texture or smell of the dirt better. My cats dig in anything containing dirt. They don't use it as a litterbox, they just like to dig. You may want to put some of the dirt in his litter box.

Regarding the food, one of my cats did that too - - would only eat treats. So, I stopped giving him treats until he started eating his food.

liberal army wife said...

I was going to get some of that dirt if he hadn't finally given in. yeah, no treats all day, except the tuna flavoured vaseline - laxative stuff. he finally ate. for 8 pounds of cat, he sure is full of attitude!


Julie said...

I at one time had that problem too. I had a plant on a balcony that suddenly started having a very bad odor. Damn cats. Believe or not my cat must be sensing something because she is right at this moment trying to walk on my laptop!

loquita said...

I'm loving the last sentence of this post. hehehe! :-D

Kanani said...

Oh, I posted a photo of my cat on my blog as well. We got home last night. He's gotten HUGE. The house sitter overfed him.

RangersGirl said...

Love your update! hahaha! By the way, your cat is beautiful!

(army)Wife said...

Oh no! Hahaha! I was having some problems with my one dog lashing out by using my bedroom as a bathroom...We nipped that one in the bud (or is it butt?...I have no idea how that phrase goes) right quick.