Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wars, What Wars?

This article, from Carissa Picard on - says it very well. We are still there, y'all! Yes the economy sucks (thanks to our past administration, those who are blaming President Obama, get a GRIP!) but please please, don't forget the military and their families. The economy is hitting us too, hell, we still have a house for sale, back in MN... and I know others who have PCSed and can't sell their house - the spouse is trying to find work and will end up working to pay that mortgage and the costs of keeping that house.

War fatigue - oh yeah, I'm tired. But I can't just turn off the TV and pretend it isn't there! Nor can many of my friends. At work - they have forgotten it. so I keep that updated count of the dead on my door.. and for at least a second, they are forced to remember.



Military Spouses for Change said...

Hi there! Thank you for the shout out!

Are you a member of Military Spouses for Change?? We are getting ready to change our name to Military Spouses of America... It is changed with the state of Texas, where we are incorporated and notification has been sent to the IRS (as we are a 501c3).

I applaud you and your site!

Your ally in change and progress,

Carissa Picard

We are in the midst of transition, so if the site is off at all, that is why!

Tucker said...

Yes... don't get me started on this one. I'm wondering how much of a zoo animal I will feel like when I get back to work. And I cringing at the thought of all the ridiculous questions I will surely get. Bah.

Anyway, in other news, I'm very glad to watch those numbers over on the right go up... I'll be starting my countdown soon too. Hope you are doing well dear!

liberal army wife said...

Carissa - yes, I am a member of Military Spouses for change. I look forward to more good things from the group. I'm also a member of Blue Star Families - I think we need to get together!


Military Spouses for Change said...


R u at Fort Hood? I would very much like to meet... please email me at

Tsoniki said...

We are nay vee so don't get nearly the amount of questions other branches - or by extension, the amount of ignoring/paying attention to. The comings and goings of my husband used to be secret and now still are, though not as secret (as if that makes sense LOL).