Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seven days down...

There used to be a show... Seven Days - where a time traveler could go back 7 days and change things. Wish I had that machine. Seven days in the Litterbox - it's been a long 7 days. I'm back to sleeping on the couch till midnight - then stumbling into bed, eating at strange times, the house isn't too awful, but it's not pretty!

After the past few days and the comments - well there is now a change, no more anonymous are accepted. Ya gotta be willing to at least put your blog name out there, or make up a name. How hard is THAT??? jeez.



Tucker said...

*hugs* I hope you are doing well and I hope that all this BS hasn't got you down. You know you have me and all the other gals in your corner... always will. And 7 days down is 7 days closer to coming home. I know that doesn't help much this early in the game... but those 7 days add up fast!

Susi said...

that's funny. I've been sleeping about 80% on the couch since the man left two month ago and mostly I'm too "sleepy" to move in the middle of the night, I just stay on the couch.
I wish I could give you a timetravel machine.
Hope he is able to contact you tho.

Butterfly Wife said...

I'm sorry to hear it's been a rough week. Big hugs.

Marine Wife said...

Sorry for the rough week. Hope it gets better for you soon.