Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. Limbaugh - This is reprehensible

I want to say I'm surprised, but I'm not. To hope that a President fails, is hoping that the United States fails. I cannot understand how this is helping in any way, how it would strengthen our country, or the troops. This is not loyalty to our country.



Jennifer said...

I alternate between getting insanely pissed off at the right wingnuts and having a laugh because they are so flipping scared that they have lost their "power".
He sure does have some stones calling liberals unpatriotic after this though.
What a fruit bat.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this?
I'm just going to start calling him Rush Limbaugh, Crazy Man.

Lindsay said...

Generally speaking, I'm pretty conservative. But this is just ridiculously pathetic.

I don't care how much I disagree with many of Obama's policies. I hope with all of my heart that I am wrong, and he is right and this is just what our country needs.

Just like I think it was reprehensible for people to "boo" president Bush as he left office, I think it's just as bad if not worse to hope that our current president fails.

Disgusting. Although I'm not entirely surprised as Rush is not my favorite person despite our somewhat similar political views.

CaliValleyGirl said...

I'm with Lindsay on this one (I was so embarrassed when I heard about the booing and hey hey goodbye chanting to Bush at the inauguration). But I will say: I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, or Ann Coulter and I kind of resented the pigeon-holing of Obama about Republicans having to stop listening to Rush, similar to his statements during the campaign that people were clinging to their guns and their religion, and watching the "wrong" TV programs. I think Obama would have done better not stereotyping like that, and not insulting Republicans by saying: hey, you need to stop listening to Rush. I mean, Bush would deserve the same flack if he were to say: yeah, you Democrats need to stop watching Michael Moore movies.

I don't think that anyone should wish their president to fail either...but additionally I would hope there would be equal outrage in the media with statements from the other side...and during the Bush administration, there were many such statements. For example:

“Of course I hope he presidency (Bush) fails because he's not really our president anyway, but I believe he's failing on purpose to keep this war going. What happened to search for Osama Bin Laden? They know where Bin Laden is. Bush knows but won't do anything because Bin Laden is funded by Bush's friends in Saudia Arabia.” Michael Moore, “filmmaker” on MSNBC, 2003

I understand (but don't agree with) Moore's viewpoint, but to hope Bush fails, is just as bad as to hope Obama fails.

Here's to hoping America is successful.

liberal army wife said...

Michael Moore is an embarrassment to all. His rantings are definitely on par with Rush - bloviating for the sake of ratings, money and his own ego.

Rush, however, has always maintained that he is the voice of the people, that he is the conscience of the Republican/Neoconservatives. If anyone dares to question him, they are often decried as not being able to follow his moral compass etc etc. His compass seems to have a few bumps... such as his drug habit - accusations of importing drugs illegally.

As to hoping Bush failed - some of his policies were abysmally stupid in my view. His reasoning for the Iraq war - his SecDef declaring we went to war with the army we had, when Iraq was a war we decided to pursue, not something that we were forced into...those are things I can't agree with or understand. But we can differ - that's called choice!


Tsoniki said...

It's not shocking to see people agreeing with him or thinking he is right - what's surprising is I'm sure some military people I know agree with him. And that is just flat out wrong.