Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's a Happy Day

A good friend who writes at MyArmyWifeLife is having a wonderful day today. After 12 months apart when he was downrange in the Sand, after innumerable phone calls, emails, letters, long distance grumbles and long distance making up, and after days of "the plane broke - it'll be hours/days/dunno when"... He's Home.

And I'm smiling, because after the last few weeks of sorrow and tears, THIS is the good part of being a milspouse. This is what we wait for, work for, and hope for. She's been running around like we all do, cleaning, making a sign, shopping for the BEST outfit (hey, it WAS sweater weather after all, wasn't it!) and I'll bet, dollars to doughnuts, he didn't care about any of it.. he just wanted to be there, with her. We all know that's how they feel, but we do it anyway. It's our "nesting" thing, I guess.

It's A Happy Day. Just thinking about them is making me smile. Welcome home, M. B, talk to you in a few days!


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Bridget said...

Good for them both!