Sunday, April 01, 2007

Glad he finally found the time!

Well... well.. took him 6 damned weeks but the Shrub finally managed to go a few miles up the road and see the wounded at Walter Reed. Now the "visit" was supposed to be for three hours... but my my my... he just couldn't manage that, and cut it to 2 hours. 2 damned hours. Think he could spare the time, for the men and women HE sent to that hell hole?

Six freakin' weeks. Tell me he couldn't have broken away from getting ready for the correspondent's dinner preparations earlier? or from the "you're doin' a heckuva job, Al" backslappin'. Wait, hasn't he gone on vacation since the scandal broke? hasn't he had a couple of relaxing 3 day weekends at Camp David since then? But my my my... 2 whole hours... my goodness... couldn't find that time anywhere. TELL me that it took that long to schedule. Bullshit.

The whole bunch, dems and repubs should be ashamed of themselves. The PORK they loaded the appropriations bill with to get it passed was a disgrace. I'll betcha there will be more and more loaded in there in conference committee.



Port Tampa said...

LAW-I'm with you in your assessment of the abysmal job Bush is doing, but want to point out that a presidential visit is a big pain in the rear end for the people who have to host him. I for one would rather they spent their time caring for soldiers than coordinating a POTUS visit. Also, he could spend weeks there and never really see anything amiss. (And not just because he's clueless, which is of course his main problem)

mismysailor said...

Port Tampa I understand what you're saying about what it takes to schedule a visit cause I've been the person that has to deal with VIP visits but after all the hard work it took he still didn't stay the alloted amount of time he was supposed too. I don't expect him to be inspecting WR but it wouldn't have hurt to shake a few more hands, meet and listen to the people he sent off to war and their families. I've volunteered at WR and those families are happy just to have someone to talk to and feel like we care. Can you imagine the difference it would have made that our President took the time to listen to them? He is our Commander in Chief and in the Milatary they are taught to take care of their own, why does that not extend to him? I don't think they felt very taken care of, just used for a photo oppurtunity and when that was accomplished he was OUT of there and early at that! Well I'm going to get off my perch and stop preaching!

Tanya Biank said...

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