Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The other shoe just dropped

15 months. That's the new Boots in the Sand number for all those active duty Army (not Marine, Air Force or Navy) troops presently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. "not less than 15 months" was how it was put in the press release. Then the part the families waited for "not less than 12 months " at home. well. ahem. Let's see, there are troops going back after 7 months home, and I suppose the 15 months Sandtime will apply.

I just don't understand. Don't the "powers that be" understand what they are doing to this Army, to the families? They are worn out. Stop loss, IRR recalls, multiple deployments, extensions, the overuse of the National Guard and Reserve, ... If this isn't a back door draft, someone tell me what is . Seriously, tell me.

We keep being told about all the good things the troops are doing. Yes, they are. They are rebuilding schools, clinics, taking care of children, trying to rebuild the shattered infrastructure. But they are also in the middle of a civil war, another country's civil war. The idiocy of going into this with too few troops, based on lies, half truths and mis statements is something I have posted about before. The continuing arrogant "because I said so" of this administration, the continuing lies and mis statements, make me wonder. The evidence is in front of them, but the spokespersons for the administration continue to make statements such as the drivel delivered by Senator McCain, the constant bluster of Deferment Dickie, and the smirking one syllable babbling of the Shrub.

I just don't understand.



Christie said...


I just feel like crying about it all

mismysailor said...

hmmm I don't know what to say, I agree with your politics but not your assesment of what the other branches are doing. For whatever reason when a cruise gets extended, moved up by a yr or scheduled 4 months after the last cruise there is no press conference or reports on CNN but it doesn't mean our spouses deployments aren't longer or more frequent than they were.

Susan said...

Somehow it's supposed to help us will the war. War on what, I'm not sure. All I see is a bunch of polititians backpeddling hard.

liberal army wife said...

mismysailor - I know that there are lots of extensions etc with Marines and Navy. I was only quoting what the press release said. Believe me, I know. Father in law was a sub commander... they never knew when he was going to show up!

and we love our jarheads, we really do!

Army Mom Times Three said...


Guess this includes my two boys. I'm feeling very helpless - like all the other family members, I'm sure.

Don't know what to say but I wanted to say something.

Between you and me --- I take three different anti-depressants so at this point I'm pretty numb.

mismysailor said...

LAW I'm big enough to say I was wrong and in this cse I was. I had just returned from a meeting with a new unit that my husband will be apart of when he starts his IA and I was told more than once that the Navy hadn't done their part but they were happy someone had finally decided to take part in their war effort so when I read your blog I think my shock had just worn off and I said to you some of what I should have said to them. But after leaving a comment on your page I politely (not really) emailed the FRG and gave her a piece of my mind. SO I guess I'm out with that group but hopefully I haven't burned any bridges here!

liberal army wife said...

That FRG needs a good slapping around! Dear, the FRGs are either great, or lousy. We got rid of ours, and made our own group... We do a LOT more for the troops and are really there for each other. And that's what we need!


mismysailor said...

I have my friends here who are more like family so the h*ll with them. I'm just happy that I'm not some new wife that knows nothing! There is another wife from my area that was with me and I have a feeling we are going to be glued together during this thing! I think I listened to I Will Survive about 15 times yesterday!