Saturday, April 28, 2007

Busy days ahead

What a week! I got sick, again. I'm getting tired of this, but I realized that I needed to just stop and rest, sleep, recharge. But this cold was nasty. Now, I sound like Lauren Bacall (or was that Bogie....) Then back at work the desk was piled high, and the boss is sick.

This is the last weekend before the Open House. So, of course it's busy as hell, and I am optimistically hoping that most of what I want to accomplish will get done. Got a handyman coming to do some of the heavy stuff, need to pick up the pressure washer and stuff this morning and start the siding cleaning. My cleaning person will be able to get most of the straight cleaning done this week, and my mom is coming to help me stage the place. Yeah, I have been watching all of those "sell this house/Buy Me" type shows. Time to take down all the personal pictures, put the makeup and bathroom stuff in boxes, and hope like hell I don't throw away anything important.

My realtor had an inspector come through the house. I dragged myself out of bed (it was earlier this week) and into the shower, ran the vacuum, made sure the dog behaved herself, and waited rather anxiously. But except for cleaning the siding, he told me that the house is in great shape, don't have to worry about doing anything hugely expensive. I also don't have to worry about a buyer trying to spring something on us at closing. whew.

My little grand daughter (the genius!) is now trying to run, according to Son, who wondered why she was walking/running like a little sumo wrestler. I gave him the project - take a queen sized sheet, wrap it around your waist and between your legs, and try to walk. Ah HA! she can say bye bye on the phone too. She's been under the weather too, but with the usual baby bounce, the day after keeping her mom and dad up all night she was demanding more pancakes from the sitter and toddling around happy and healthy.

No politics today. Just too much to say, and I need to work out how.

Wish I was going to be at SpouseBuzz Live in San Diego or at MilBlogs conference... but NEXT YEAR! promise.



Butterfly Wife said...

Perhaps you caught a virus from some of these other online folks who have been sick! Take care of yourself.

SapphireCat said...

I hope you feel better soon. :)

Sarah said...

Got your comment today. You can forward my thoughts on deployment to your friends if you like. :)