Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I will, I mean it!

the very next person that says "oh you are on the downhill slope of the deployment" and "you must be so happy this is almost over".... I will pull their lungs out through their nose... honest... with a SPOOOOON!

no, it's NOT almost over, we have another 5 months. and who the hell decided that the first 6 months were worse than the last? Who, tell me. And I'll beat that one with a 2x4. Maybe it's just that we are so tired of it all, we are so tired of the waiting to see the next name on the list, we are so sick of the being alone, the running for the phone just in case, the hoping for an email, the being scared when you look at the paper, taking care of everything...

To be honest, I don't think they think at all! the "they"... those meaning-to-be-nice civilians. NO, I'm not a civilian. I'm an Army Wife. That's a totally different animal. I speak a different language from those "normal" people. I have friends who aren't military, they are dear to me, but they still don't understand. I know they try to, I know they feel bad for me, and are worried about me. But to be honest, the only ones who understand are my military friends, the new ones that I have made on SpouseBuzz and other places, the dear ones that are here in town who put up with my crabbiness and occasionally insane ideas.

Yeah, I'm cranky today... so sue me.


Bridget said...

My favorite is "a year and a half will just fly by!" It makes me so angry I can't even think.

I've been so happy to find your blog. I too am a liberal Minnesota National Guard wife. I was beginning to think I was the only one. My friends and family are concerned, but have no clue.

Susan said...

You crab all you want. It's your right! No, non military people don't get it. They never will, no matter how much you explain to them. I feel your pain.

Boschka said...

Give the word out SIL and I will be there to hand you the spoon. I hope you know how much you have always had our love and admiration through all of this. I no longer watch the war coverae or read any of the articles because I just can't . I can't even begin to imagine being in your shoes and it would be disrespectful of me to even claim to understand . All I can say is that we love you both and are here..I got yer big spoon right here Sistah of Mine.

Hugs and Love

Boschka said...

PS...You can be all the crabby you want to be okay...I still got your back

your SIL

Susan said...

I didn't know how else to get in touch with you. Please email me!