Friday, November 03, 2006


No, I'm not channeling a two year old. After seeing a tempest in a teapot at another blog, I have decided to make this announcement very very clear. This is MY blog. This is where I get to say whatever I want to say. I try very hard not to offend too many people. but that is strictly my call, the good manners that my mother worked very hard to teach me, and what Linda Ellerbee just called civil discourse. But if you are offended by what I say, don't read it. Or feel free to argue with me! be polite, if you know how to be, be respectful and fair.

There are some who find that what I say is somehow traitorous and that I am hurting the morale of the troops. Those troops that I know have read it, don't find that at all, and since they are the only ones whose opinion on my "traitorous" ideas I give two hoots about, that's the end of that topic.

To those who decided that somehow talking about supporting and being a different type of person, namely an Army wife, is somehow "picking a fight" because I didn't agree with your point of view (civilian) ..... get a life, get a grip. and while we are on the subject of being said Army Wife, to have your anger at ridiculous statements like "why do you LET him do whatever the Army says" or even the truly moronic "don't let him kill anyone" be compared to someone's annoyance at the silly statements about having an overdue baby..... may I say that comparison is truly the most moronic, head up your ass, fatuous statement I have heard in a long time. There, THAT'S picking a fight. go for it. but be careful. This is MY space, my place and I'll decide if you get to talk here.

Dear readers; I am not writing for you or for anyone but myself. I won't deny I get chuffed when someone reads what I write and says they like it. I even get a charge when someone says they DON'T like it.. after all, they at least read it. If I end up writing for just myself... fine and dandy. At least I'm writing, I'm not screaming.

There... said it. May I say (yes, I may) that is a big relief.

talk to you later.


Boschka said...

1. As always I have your back. I completely agree with you. If ppl go the freaky route..pick a finger

This dust up is so over blown and bizarre...

You have a right to your opinions on your site. You have the right of self expresion and I will back your ass to the wall.

Always there foe you.

Your One And ONLY Sil

Boschka said...

oh and lest I forget



I have refrained from my usual jumping in when you slam MY family...I am my mothers daughter but that being said ...

I am done with this spat..

I thought better of those and I use the term losely ..."Ladies.."



LAW is my mess with her..

Well yeah..OK..go there


Susan said...

I'm sorry that this even happened. I know that we're all squared away, so it's all good. Post away, sweetie, post away!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!! Thank you for helping me feel less alone!

- Liberal Army Girlfriend in MA

liberal army wife said...

stop by anytime, feel free to chime in. or start a discussion... we gotta stick together!