Friday, December 23, 2005

Seven hours late, they arrived. To the cheers of some very tired family members who had been at the airport all day, some of the 40 exhausted members of the returning group of National Guard soldiers finally came home on Christmas leave. Delta Airlines wouldn't even give them a drink voucher, as they spent all day sitting in Atlanta Airport. Thank goodness for the USO, who gave them a place to relax, drinks, food and the kind of warm welcome they provide so well. They are the kind of organization that really does what they say they do. Delta, on the other hand, gave us nothing but bad attitude and incorrect information. Every family member I talked to told the same story, waiting for answers and getting nothing but rudeness and wrong numbers from Delta.
Well, now we unpack the duffle, and get on with Christmas. Oh, gotta get the goose out of the freezer!

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