Friday, December 30, 2005

And it's snowing.... and snowing..... and snowing... After the last few days of 30+ degree days, when all of our earlier snow melted and became "snirt" (snow+dirt=Snirt) waking up to new fluff was fun. But now, it's getting old. All morning, it has snowed. At one point, we couldn't see the road down our very long driveway (over 50 yards, so we get "A Guy" to plow it) The dog is enjoying it, for some reason digging a ball out of the drifts is more fun than just chasing it around. The cat is an indoor cat, who tries to go out sometimes. He stuck out a paw this morning, it came back cold and wet, he decided to curl up on the couch back instead. Never said he was dumb, did I?

Husband put together the Ikea night stands, with a modicum of muttering and sighs. Now we are going to take out the Christmas tree, which I spend the morning undressing. I know it's early, but the allergies have been driving me BATS! The tree was lovely, a fraser fir of noble proportions and heavenly scent, but the nose began to sneeze, the head to pound, right as I began to decorate it. So, we have enjoyed it, now it's time for it to become a home for critters until spring.

If I hear any more Christmas/Holiday music, someone may get hurt. Going shopping this last week, the stores haven't changed the music yet! and it is always too loud! I have walked out of The Limited and others because I simply cannot stand the decibel level and when I asked the manager, she told me the music is regulated by the corporate office and she can't change the volume. How ridiculous!

Talk to you later.

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