Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Happy Anniversary to me. And, of course, my husband is off doing whatever the Army has decided he needs to do... somewhere else. Let's see, if I tried to count the amount of anniversaries I have spent alone, I would use all fingers on both hands. And I know I'll be alone next anniversary also, because he'll be "in the Sand".

On all the blogs I have visited, two themes are prevalent. The illegal, unauthorized spying on US citizens, which has been approved by the Shrub, defended by the Shrub and all his handlers, especially Dickie Boy. But did anyone see Colin Powell today? General Powell, for whom I have always had great respect, although I hated to see him in Shrub's first administration, did a very fine job of tapdancing on a highwire.

The second, Happy Holidays v. Merry Christmas. Personally, I don't really care which one you use. Just enjoy yourself with your family or friends, eat a little more of the "forbidden" stuff (chocolate IS a food group, don't forget) lie in bed and read more, hug your kids, your parents and your spouse/significant other. If you go to church SING those carols, if you are like me (an agnostic who loves all those carols) SING them anyway. Tell Aunt Ilse that you just LOVE that whatchamacallit she gave you, put on that ridiculous sweater you got from her last year... and
make her day a happy one.

And to the men and women who aren't going to be home this week, who are in the Sand, or in Afghanistan, alone in the barracks in Germany, Italy, England, at sea, or anywhere but home, we are all thinking of you, and wish you were where you want to be. I know the turkey in the mess hall is probably a little dry, and the gravy... well, they TRY! Close your eyes, and remember your last holiday at home, give the folks a call, and remember we love you. If your First Sergeant has invited you to dinner, go ahead and go. you'll have a good time, just remember to help with the dishes!


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Catharine said...

(to the tune of William Tell Overture)

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary... hhhhhaaaaaaaa-ppy anniversary... happy, happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary. Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary...

Happy anniversary, happy annivesary, happy anniversary, haaaaaaappy anniversary.

Wasn't that annoying? Of course it was. But no one has really written an annivesary song, so it will have to do for now. Maybe we should write one. Do you know that everytime that freakin' "Happy Birthday to You" gets played or sung in the movies or on t.v., the estate of the Hill sisters gets a royalty? Their heirs make -- hang on -- $2 million a year for that dopey little ditty. We need to write an anniversary song... like... NOW!