Monday, December 19, 2005

Greetings: this is my first post, on my first blog! So, what do I say? If you got here, I assume you are looking for a Liberal Blog. or you were trying to find a complete oxymoron... and let me tell you, a liberal military wife is definitely one of those! I support my husband, his troops and everyone in the military (yes, even the Marines!!) to the last drop. BUT, and this is a big one, I do NOT support the present war. We were lied to in order to begin it, and the lies are continuing to this day. I am assuming that this blog will eventually also be read by portions of the Intelligence Community. If so, may I assure you that I have been loyal to this country since I was able to intelligently speak. I am a State Department Brat and have gone through the "you are your country's ambassador" speech from Athens to Benghazi (pre-Quaddafi), Sydney to Nassau, London to Frankfurt. Then I married into the Army and have been through it all, from Active Duty, through Reserves and National Guard. He is presently deployed, in the Deep South in training for Iraq. Our son was in Iraq for 15 months, as was his wife. So, there's me.

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