Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Valour IT - Fundraising (II)

Valour IT is having its annual fundraiser. Due to problems with Blogger and the widget, I cannot post their cool link and spot to join on my side bar, as I did last year. So - I'll just put it Here.

and Here is where you join the Army Team... Well, you ARE, right?.

and Here is where you donate.

For those of you who don't know Valour IT - it's a charity that was started when a wounded man who blogged, the famous ChuckZ (then Capt, now Maj. Chuck Ziegenfuss) was trying to stay in contact with his readers. After driving his wife Carren to distraction trying to tell her what to write, erase, write (her story about this will make any wife laugh in sympathy) he said he wished he had Dragon Naturally speaking or something like it on his computer. Someone read that on his blog, and sent it to him. This programme allows the user to speak into a mike and the words appear on the screen. To this old milspouse - it's just magic! (my Dr. uses it... kinda cool) Anyway, everyone realized this was a fantastic thing for the wounded! they could stay in touch with their friends, they could be amused, informed, and have some independence as well. No need to dictate to someone, no need to wait until someone can help with it...

So dig deep, please. If you can give in Team Army to bring our count up, great. If you want to give to any of the other teams, great. But give.

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