Wednesday, October 07, 2009

accepted - an offer on the house

********** UPDATE:

The sale has collapsed, and we are happy about it. Getting jerked around the way we were - going that far in the hole. paying their closing costs. now another thing, oh and then this... and maybe that.... NO. Basta! Enough! they kept telling us what good Christians they were... huh. sure. taking advantage of a family that had to move because the service member had to PCS.. that's just Such a Good Christian Value? huh??? not the last time I looked!

OK. so we accepted an offer on the house - a very very very very low offer - because there isn't anything else out there. So now the insanity begins. Tenants move out, we take care of the encroachment on the way over there part of the property (neighbour, please sign the ground lease already!) get the rest of the stuff out of the basement that belongs to us, change locks... so much to do, and do it long distance too. Fill out HAP paperwork and hope.

sigh. years of building, working on the house for years - poof! gone. and while I'm glad it is sold, I'm mourning that future we had envisioned a dozen years ago, living on 10 acres in the country, chickens scratching, wood stove fire simmering, canning and drying the fruits of our garden - poof. gone. sad.



loquita said...

I was sad when I sold my house, and didn't put eve half of that effort into it. I can see why this would be tough for you. *hugs* I am glad only because it's one less thing to stress you out during the deployment.

Tucker said...

Well, speaking as someone who's just been through this... I am both so glad for you that it is 'over' and completely understand mourning the future you thought you had there.

I hope all the long distance stuff works out- you know I am closeish if you need help. I'm glad this is over for you guys... on to bigger and better dreams & futures, right?


Bette said...

Congratulations, sort of. Although the circumstances aren't the best, it'll be a huge weight off your mind, at least.

I prefer to think that your dream isn't gone, just deferred. Someday you'll have your scratching chickens....

LopsidedMom said...

Thinking of's a lot to sort through with Chief so far away. *hugs*

Lucia Phillips said...

Stopped by read your blog, great read. Please check mine out as well