Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School? Career? Help!

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I was at the MOAA Job Fair yesterday. Now that is the place to find a job if you are military (and you don't need to be a member of MOAA or an officer) and about to retire or leaving the military (son, you MUST come out next year!) But for me, well I don't have that kind of experience or skill set - but it still made an impression. They had a resume critique panel, and a very pleasant Lt. Col (ret) went through my resume with me and gave me some great pointers to punch it up and make it stand out. I did drop a few resumes at a couple of sites, especially those who are supporting vets and families. But the folks that I spent the most time with, were the ladies at the Fleet & Family Support Center (yes, I'm Army - hooah- but they had great information and were partnering with the Army Career & Alumni Program) No matter that I have over 20 years experience in my field, that I'm considered a "senior" paralegal, they all think I need to finish my degree. So - since I want to work with either wounded warrior advocate programs, or with military families - do I get a degree in counseling, or social work, or what? anyone got any advice for me?

One suggestion I will definitely be checking out, and from the website I am NOT the only one, is the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account MyCAA Has anyone used it?? Seeing my son doing his school work completely online, and talking to a lot of others who are doing the same thing - I'm seriously considering it. So, if any of our readers have used the program, please leave a comment and tell me if it worked, if it didn't, what I need to do to make sure it works for me. And isn't it peculiar, the granddaughter is starting preschool, and I just ordered a "school" backpack for her... should Nana get one too?




Allison said...

Never commented but had to delurk for this one. :)

My husband has a masters in social work. He is currently in the process of joining the Navy to be a Navy social worker (they require LCSW). As a social worker he has so many job options. He is currently working as a family therapist in a school setting. But he can do so many other things with this degree and he loves the work! So I say MSW but I am a bit biased.

loquita said...

kd is using that program to do a grad degree, drop her an email.

Kanani said...

Hey, good luck with all that. It's always good to get someone else to look at your resume.

Once a week, I meet with a journalist friend. We go over job searches, how we're doing, and mainly we just support one another as we jump from one editing writing gig to another. So, in-person support helps alot.

As far as the degree... you're at the point in your life where you must follow whatever vision it is that you have. Check out the MSW programs.

Anonymous said...

I am currently using myCAA to get a Certificate in Human Resource Management. I don't remember if you said you had education or training, or a combination of both, but myCAA is a simple process and I recommend you do it. I have a lot of education (MS in Criminal Justice) and little experience, so my goal is to get some practical training and venture back into CJ when I can. Good luck to you.

Enchante said...

I used to work for! They are the ones who have contracted with the military to organize the program. The program might have a lot of kinks right now since they've just started but I would still sign up ASAP. When I was working there (about six months ago) the biggest problem was that it was going through its test phases but now the whole program should be up and running. Please let me know if you have any specific or further questions about the program =D