Friday, September 04, 2009

A New Low

I'm still capable of being shocked - which is a shock in itself. I watched the video I have linked to* - of a woman in a wheelchair at a healthcare town hall being heckled and screamed at - and was stunned at the illogical and ridiculous "anger" being shown. The woman was asking for help with her HEALTHCARE issues. I guess she wasn't screaming about "death panels" (who actually believes that twaddle? a new code being added for billing so a doctor can bill for talking to a person about end-of-life care and their wishes, and it was deliberately twisted and lied about by the pundits and talking heads, and started by a shill for drug companies)

I suppose that her problems with her health insurance company don't mean much to the jerk who said "I didn't come here to listen to other people's opinions"... that statement alone says it all. No, they aren't there to listen, to actually discuss anything. They are there to scream, to yell, to disrupt. Rational discussion - listening to other people's opinions, getting the facts to make an independent decision - is that asking so much? When you get your "information" from groups set up and financed by health insurance companies and drug companies - you get what they paid for.

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Hagenmary said...

I have two foaming-at-the-mouth Republican conserative brothers. I've tried to talk calmly, present facts, use rational examples, show them balanced articles, and understand their points.
All to no avail. They scream, quote absurd "facts", refuse to listen and basically lose their minds. I've given up trying to help them see how utterly nuts their views on health care have become. God help us all!