Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day - and that sounds peculiar... [shakes head] The end of summer, the last BBQ - How did you celebrate the 3 day weekend? I'll bore you silly, tell you how I did mine.

Saturday, I ventured out on the Beltway - those who know me know I detest the Beltway - but it was for a good cause. Operation Bombshell! (the link is to a Facebook page - here's a blog link as well) And the word for the class - FUN! we laughed ourselves silly - the boas molted cheerfully (the blue ones even smurfed those who used them!) and learned a fun routine, and people came out of their shells, and we talked. Talked about the whole milspouse/deployment/homecoming experience, and didn't have to explain what we meant by anything. It was a great afternoon out. I met K, a woman I have been emailing, phone calling with, and who had invited me to a BBQ! Fun to meet in person! The Garmin lady had to spoil it by taking me down Wisconsin Ave and M Street Georgetown to get me home. Yeah, a gorgeous warm Saturday afternoon in Georgetown - talk about crowded! AARRGGGHH.

Sunday, commissary run, then take a migraine pill, then off to a great BBQ, with military families and a few civilians.. Lots of great food, and I'm sure the Sangria was fantastic but Relpax and booze don't mix, so I couldn't even sample (whine whine) thanks, Kristy and Reese, it was so much fun! Doug, the shrimp was magnificent! The ribs were awesome and whoever made the brownies.... num num num...

Monday - so far I'm cleaning my desk (and decided to post) and then I need to clean, even though my knitting is calling to me... can you hear it? k2, p2, B2.... I'm actually learning to cable knit! whoo hoo. ok ok... not exactly rocket science but hey, it's keeping me busy and entertained.

Whatever you decide to do, keep safe, take a second to thank a veteran or a servicemember. Later, y'all.



kimba said...

And while you're at it, thank a union member for both Labor Day AND weekends.

tara said...

no way, you did operation bombshell? fun! i just finished her book - it was my choice for book club this month.

Spanish Princess said...

Ahh, the end of summer, only means we are that much closer to CHristmas ... Yeah! Sounds like a busy weekend, don't forget to relax!