Sunday, June 14, 2009

it's been a while... and this week just sucked!

I can finally blog this all, I was waiting to tell Chief all about the house, didn't want him to find out by email...... what? What am I talking about?.. well, gather round, my friends (and those anon lurkers, pull up a chair)

I went to MN a couple of weeks ago, and figured out what needed to be done to the house to get it all spiffed up to list for sale. A little bit here, some paint, the siding needs cleaning and re-staining, the yard needs weeding and all... After a fast visit with good friends, home I came.

My parents came out to visit that next weekend, it was my Dad's birthday (#88!) He started feeling bad when we were at the Smithsonian, looking at a picture of himself in the Second World War and it escalated... the next day we finally persuaded him that he needed to go to the ER.. and after hours of waiting, he was admitted for an Ileus. The next day - right before I left work to pick them up from the hospital - I got a call.

It was my neighbour/caretaker/realtor - and she was calling to tell me someone broke into the MN house, and spray painted the walls, and the kitchen cabinets. They drank the wine that we were using for display (the not so good/cheap nasty stuff) drank sodas, scattered hot dogs around... sigh. Why the HELL they had to vandalize the house? I have no idea.

So now - we won't be listing soon, I have to deal with insurance (but our wonderful USAA rocks!) BUT - my dad is ok, back home where they live, and going to see his own Doctor. My handyguy will be able to take care of most of it, and his buddy the paint guy thinks he can do something with the kitchen cabinets.

This next week, has to be better!



RangersGirl said...

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear that about your house.

My parents have had renters do stuff like that to their house in my home town.

USAA does rock.

So glad your dad is doing better.

Kanani said...

I'm so sorry.
This is the 3rd time in a week that I've read this happening to someone. It's a very malevolent thing to do.
Anyway, glad your father is doing better. But I'm really sorry someone did this to your house.

Ann M. said...

No kidding your weekend sucked. I am so sorry to hear about the house and I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything is easily repaired.

Good to hear that your dad is out of the hospital and I hope that his health continues to get better.

lbradshaw said...

I am sorry about your house! I am new to this whole blog thing (just started my own) but I am slowly finding blogs to follow! I love your button for the blue star families! Where did you get it?

(army)Wife said...

I'm so sorry about your house! Oh, that sucks! Why do people do that kind of stuff? I just don't understand why there are some people who feel the need to be jerks like that.