Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am watching the Iran coverage, and there's a lot of emotion swirling around. A friend of my parents was in the Embassy, all those years ago. He was held hostage, and we saw the crowds roaring, the chanting... and the biggest sound we heard was - Death to America. We worried about him everyday. And I found this - this is our friend, and he's making the exact point I am trying to make as well.

Now Tehran is again boiling over. Twitterers are tweeting like crazy, and the demonstrators are marching again. And there are those who want us, the United States, to make grandiose statements and accuse the Iranian government of fraud. Yes, we KNOW there was fraud, that's a duh.

But we CANNOT say more. We cannot give the present regime any ammunition - we cannot let them use our support to make a point that the opposition is "under the control of America". We are still the Great Satan in Iran. We have a terrible history in Iran, of toppling an elected official and propping up the Shah who was pretty brutal in his crushing of all opposition. We cannot be seen to be doing this again. We cannot.


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People in the Sun said...

They talked about it on Hardball today. The Axis of Evil speech was probably fun to make, but it also probably had a lot to do with Iran and North Korea later building nuclear facilities. It must be fun for McCain to say we need to take a strong stand against What's-His-Name-Agad, but coming from Obama, a statement like that would only make him stronger and more popular.