Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Suicide from Salon.com

A very thoughtful series - and what is very chilling to me - I remember Fort Carson being singled out a few years ago- for exactly this. I have a friend there - I keep her in my thoughts, that her husband's unit isn't full of morons who don't understand what PTSD really is.

Our son has PTSD, and so does our daughter in law. They have been dealing with the VA for years, his appeal went through but they are STILL waiting on hers.... and the way the VA deals with the veterans is truly horrendous in it's complexity! In this day and age, to have the DOD and VA unable to coordinate their computer systems... it's a disgrace.



AirmanMom said...

LAW...I don't know which rock I have been living under, I had no idea you had your own blog. With all the hard work you put into PZ, I never dreamed you would have the time to keep up such a great personal blog as well!
I'll be back to read you again soon!


Airborne dad said...

we have our own PTSD story to tell but it will have to wait until our ETS. Butthead platoon sergeant.

Halahblue said...

It is disgusting that there are still people in the military who believe that admitting PTSD means you are weak and will end your career.

It is even more disgusting that we can spend boatloads of taxpayer money on whothehellknowswhat and yet the VA has so little AND their "system" is a catastrophe.

My fiance is an Iraq war veteran (infantry)so I've learned a lot about PTSD. I also used to work at a VFW, so I delt with horror stories from VA hospitals (Syracuse NY...the VA out there is a hole).