Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Settling in - or is that down-

the boxes are breeding! really, they ARE! as soon as I unpack one, more appear. Invasion of the Moving Boxes.... just seems like it, I guess. What is really happening is that I am worn out. I'll find one thing in a box that I need/want, the rest is re-packed for storage. So, unpack/re-pack ...ad nauseum. AND fighting off an infection. SOOOO much fun. On the positive side, I did find the hospital, and the pharmacy (2ce, the first antibiotic didn't work) and the commissary does carry all the lovely European yummies I had hoped, including the coffee (note to self, when they have it in stock, buy 2!) LOTS of retirees, and very very full shopping carts.

Sunday we did what we promised we would do, and left house/unpacking stuff and did something fun. There are a series of nature trails next to post, and we trekked out there and enjoyed the peace and tranquility. Moving into this high density population, from our country living, I miss that. Also drove around post, into the older part, and flag officer country- the Old Army DH and I remember from long ago. In one way, it's comforting to see that not everything changes!

Unit picnic went ok, although after 30+ days of sun, it decided to rain. Not enough to break the drought, but enough to dampen the festivities. Met some of the guys he'll be working with (no, not being sexist, no women in his little subgroup) and also some of the FRG folks. From what I heard from one of the women, this group has the usual problems (5% of the group does 90% of the work, some cattiness) but is still a lot better than the groups I left behind me.

Job related - well, I went for the interview, nice small firm, but it wasn't the right fit. Got a call from my headhunter, there may be a project for me... 2-6 months document review (my last 3 month project lasted a year and a half!) Hope to find out this week.

I am holding those California milspouses in my thoughts, hope that you are all ok, and you haven't lost your homes. BE SAFE!

Time to hit the boxes again...



Susan said...

Unpacking stinks. Glad to hear that you're settling in, though.

Cheeky said...

Glad things are coming together - I have sooo been in your shoes.

Kimba said...

Hate the unpacking!! All those boxes...but this last time, I put the empty boxes on Craiglist every time I got a decent pile, and they magically disappeared. It was awesome - they get reused, you don't have to either haul them off or wait for the movers to come get them, and you are saving all those folks some $$. Everybody wins!

This San Diego Milspouse is still just fine. Not so much the people I helped at Navy/Marine Corps Relief yesterday. LOTS of military families here need help. Particularly those poor Marines in the northern part of the county.