Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Marathons of all sorts

First - the BIG Marathon. The Marine Corps 2007 Marathon. Saturday was the Expo and Packet Pickup at the Armory.. lots of people, tiny space... I was disappointed that Military.com didn't have a presence, including SpouseBuzz would have been great. Then home for a pasta dinner (gotta carb up!) The next morning, at 4:30 we were up and getting ready - neither of us could sleep. Got on the Metro with a group of Brit Royal Marines, who seemed to have done the usual training... a few pints the night before, and lots of cigarettes. Got off at the Pentagon and followed the herd, around the Pentagon in the dark and got in line... no, not the starting line, the Biffies!!! DH stretched, I did my job as support.. he got into the starting corrals with at least 20,000 others... and off they went. Support people of all sorts walked from the line across the Arlington Memorial Bridge to the Lincoln Memorial and cheered them all on as they ran past. ... for an HOUR!! Walked back across the bridge and up to an old friend's apartment across from the IwoJima Memorial. There was supposed to be a text message to the cell phone way to track the runners... I got his halfway time 5 xs, but no notification of his finish! as for the "family meeting area"... ha! but AT&T had free phones so he called when he finished (26 miles...), we found each other, gave him lots of protein drinks and snacks... and got in yet another line. This one for the Metro. It looked like Ellis Island, a sea of people, runners in sweated through clothes and shiny "blankets" and support people with back packs and goodie bags. Trains were packed and watching sore runners trying to get up, trying to walk down stairs and getting in vehicles .... well I tried NOT to laugh, but didn't succeed. I'm so proud of him, he trained and trained, but having to run in the Sandbox heat was incredibly hard, and PCSing right before was not exactly ideal... and he still did it.

Next day - he was soooo sore. and so was I, the 6-7 miles I walked took a toll on my plantar fascitis.. ice for my foot, warm Thermocare wraps for him.. Thank goodness for the super large jar of Ibuprofen!

The other Marathon - job hunting and trying to get the apartment in some semblance of order... Job hunting is slower than I had hoped, but there was a job fair at Belvoir, met a couple of contacts, including someone whose job it is, to help milspouses get Federal Jobs - rewriting my resume and using all the right buzz words. Have a meeting today with another headhunter, let's hope she can find me a temp job soon! Because.... The Army has fouled up again - no pay... jeeeeez, what is SO HARD!?? Turned in the DITY paperwork - told it could take up to 8 weeks for that to get reimbursed! They really don't make PCSing easy, do they? since we have to pay for all the deposits, turn on fees etc., plus the final payments from the last place... the apartment is still not in any way done, need to find a desk, a sofa... and get the garage shelving done and the boxes out of the spare room!

The marathon of house selling - no news other than some folks who wanted to look at it, but no offers.

Sore and limping - talk to you again soon..



MN NG Wife said...

Congrats to your DH for doing the Marathon. My DH did the Twin Cities Marathon at the beginning of month,He wasn't expecting that day to be 80's & very humid but did complete it & was also sore the next day.
Good Luck on the job hunt.

Green said...

Take care of yourselves!

Infantry Dad said...

LAW, This is out of context with your present post, but I just read your comment, “same dumb sense of humour north of Kuwait” in reference to a conversation that Airbornedad and I were having about phone calls from our sons, at One Percenters.
I think they teach that stuff in basic.
The first time I got a call from Matt because they had been in an incident, and he didn’t want us hearing it from FRG, he said they got blown up by an ied. I said, “in the city”? (We never say things like Bahgdad, or Sadr City, or Tikrit), because the response is always “can’t be saying not knowing”. So he says “nope, in the truck”. (They call the Stryker the truck.)
I asked, “are you ok”?
His response was, “yup, banged my head, lucky I got some of your genes”.
Boy was I relieved.

We should get together with AD and write a book of stupid sayings from our soldiers

Cheeky said...

BRAVO for the man and the race and for your support!

Good luck on the job hunt.

Lemon Stand said...

Wow! Congratulations to both of you for participating (and surviving) in the marathon!

I sure hope things work more quickly for your family from here on out! Still got you all in my thoughts and prayers.