Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mattress pad - check

bookcase(s) - check. Cat to vet -check. Got a lot done, except that fate, as always, stepped in and urped on my parade.

This weekend, IKEA - found the bookshelves, picked them up at the furniture desk - the third box down says "a piece missing" right on the box... go back in, get another. unpack them in the pickup and schlep pieces up the 3 flights (too heavy to bring up the way they were packed) Spent a few hours putting them up (the piece with the dent is up on top/not visible!) no computer desk. got the foam thingie and had to remember that we now needed new sheets too since the 2 inch pad mean the other fitted sheets didn't fit anymore!

Cat went to the vet, they took blood and he was just the cutie he is, everyone loved him. Then we came home and I tried to get downtown for a meeting - The Fairfax Connector to take me to the Metro didn't come! So I cancelled THAT one. Came home, emailed a couple of resumes answering some ads, and 45 minutes later had an interview lined up! hmm. Then the cat let out this awful sound, he was lying on the carpet not moving, eyes were HUGE and black.. then he wobbled a bit, got up and went about his business. This morning, after eating a lot, urped on the rug (yup I KNEW I forgot something, Resolve Spot Lifter!) and now, sleeping it all off. He scared the crap outa me yesterday.

Today, rescheduled meeting happening and I'll take the shuttle from the apt. complex. So wish me luck.



Reasa said...

Good luck. I am sure you will rock. Hope the cat feels better soon.

Waitress Polly said...

Hey, I found you over on Spouse Buzz. Would you mind if I put a link to you on my sidebar?
I'm running a fund raiser for the NMFA, and I'm trying to compile a variety of people over on the sidebar.
Waitress Polly

Green said...

Our cat did that too, after shots. She was just really lethargic for about 36 hours. Every time.

Ann M. said...

Sorry your cat is urpy and not feeling good. I always get freaked when my kitty does that.

Hope your meeting went well, and good luck with the interview!

Lemon Stand said...

Good Luck! Good Luck! Good Luck! (Well? They always say that three times a charm!) :o)

Cheeky said...

Sounds like you are getting all settled in. Hope the meetings go well.