Friday, September 14, 2007

We're back on the frozen tundra

Oh, you think I'm kidding??? Freeze warnings tonight. there was sn-- (we don't say the word for the frozen stuff you ski on until November... just an avoidance for me) in Grand Marais... it is SOOOOO time to leave. We have a fire going in the woodstove and it's nice. Our new place doesn't have a fireplace, so we are enjoying this. One of the apartments we looked at had a wood burning fireplace - and white/beige carpet!!! good grief, who thought THAT one up!

Anyway..... (dumb way to start a sentence) we found an apartment! it's a lovely place, but ladies and gents..... it's tiny, compared to our house (3,500 sq ft) and 10 acres! but, at least I don't need to repaint, as the walls are a lovely cafe au lait with white trim and crown molding. The carpet is cream/beige, which should be soooo much fun with a gray/black cat! Large walk in closets but oh my, WHO designed the hanging area! the rod is waaaay too low, so you can't put another one underneath, so that's getting changed when we get there. The kitchen.. as Paula Deen would say "oh y'awl, this is just preeeecious" very small as compared to our present kitchen. But, if we can cut down on the crap we pack, we'll be fine. We have also rented a garage in the same complex, so storage isn't going to be a problem. GBear, Andi - it's in Kingstown, on South Van Dorn. gated community, quiet and only 20 minutes from Telegraph Rd Gate. We liked the look of the new quarters on Belvoir, but there's a 6 month waiting list, and we just don't want to move from one place to another that soon.

Now... we wait for Orders so we can rent the truck we have reserved and get moving. This weekend - the cat goes to the vet for shots and a check up and a couple of kitty valium, in case the trip upsets him. I got my hair cut really short, so I don't have to worry about it for a while, and then need to start looking for another good cutter.

This weekend is sorting and packing the kitchen. and the closet. I'm sure there's a lot more... but my list is in the other room!!

Later. Talk to you soon. LAW


TripleE said...
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TripleE said...

Grand Marais is beautiful...but freeze warnings? eek
Have a great trip!

Jan Wesner said...

This is why I live in Florida! Although, with temperatuers in the 90s and humidity nearing 80 degrees, I could go for a little of the white stuff right now!