Monday, September 03, 2007

Apartment hunting

I have been sending requests for availability, and trying to make appointments to see apartments in Woodbridge, Springfield, Lorton, Kingstown/Alexandria.... and really hoping that some of them are available! There is one across from the Springfield Mall that looks so nice, but then I wonder about the location.... and I keep hoping my trek/commute can be less than the time I now spend driving/on the bus. Sitting on the train/Metro would be great! We are hoping to be in the DC area next week to look at places. I refuse to sign a lease before actually SEEING it.

Rode on the motorcycle for the first time yesterday. It's been over 30 years since I was last on one - so I was a little nervous. One person tells me to sit still, one tells me to lean in the direction of the turn.... But it was soooo much fun! We went around an industrial park which is empty on Sundays. I really enjoyed it... the highway I am not so sure of. Sitting on the back of the bike really gives me a different vantage point (and I am hoping my back gets used to it!)

We took the cat for a ride again today, so he gets used to it. he ended up under my seat! quiet, not getting sick, but still obviously scared. I hope he doesn't spend the entire 2.5 day trip under the seat... Now we need to get hotel reservations for him as well.

Packing - packing...




loquita said...

I love the DC metro -- one of the only ones I've ever ridden by myself without feeling terrified that I would miss my stop and get hopelessly lost. I rode it everywhere when I was in DC to run the Marine Corps Marathon 10K last fall.

Best of luck with the apartment hunting! I really like Alexandria. :)

Janey M said...

Ohh - good luck apartment hunting! I signed a lease without seeing the place once and it turned out to be a pigeon infested nightmare!!!! AND, I am completely jealous of the bike!! How fabulous

Cheeky said...

My cat screams - literally screams the entire time he is in the car - screams I tell ya - I swear he is saying no mamma at least that is what it sounds like, even the kids think so

Kathleen said...

Put the cat in a pillow case and then the case in a secure boundaried item like a box he can feel the sides of. Most cats calm down nicely in a pillow case. Try it, honest.

Caveat: we had one come unglued in the car, vet told us about the pillow case so we tried that and cat attempted to reupholster the entire vehicle from inside that pillow case. Once we let out her out (nasty little $hit, her name btw) of the case, she was sweeter than peaches. She *loves* riding in the car now.

Anonymous said...

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