Sunday, September 09, 2007

First Showing!

To give you a picture.... boxes, boxes, tape, newspapers and shredded paper, piles of books to be donated, clothes to be boxed, suitcase waiting to be packed for the apartment hunting trip.. all strewn from one end of the house to the other..... ok, got it in your mind? Now, the phone rings. The realtor - "we have a showing scheduled!" in two days. Now, this house has been on the market for months, never had a showing. For many months, the house looked gorgeous, tidy, semi staged. Although, to be totally honest, for other months, it was a PIT (after the extension announcement it all went to hell). But recently, for open house etc. it was sooooo tidy and all that..

So, instead of packing and such - cleaning! at full tilt. ALL the boxes out into the garage (up on boards), pack up the clothes in a rush, put the books to be donated into the built in bookcase, and get that horrid RedWing pottery out of the to-be-sold box and into the empty china hutch, tidy the pantry again.... the list grows.

Wish us luck, both finding a nice apartment (GBear - we have a couple viewing in Kingstown first thing!) and selling this house! I may not blog for the days we are away, I may be totally insane when we get back.. but you know, it's all part of the milspouse adventure.



Janey M said...

ohh - best of luck with everything.

Kristen said...

I'm moving too! Movers are packing up my stuff right now, in fact.

I wish you luck finding a nice apt. and selling your house! Wish us luck GETTING the nice apt. (waiting for app. approval) and getting our stuff there when we need it. :)

Oh - and just wish ME luck. I need to find a job, and fast.

Sgt. L's Wife said...

Welcome to the east coast. Good luck on the house selling and all the other treasures that go along with the move.