Sunday, August 26, 2007

Renaissance Festivalitis and computer woes

I had forgotten how much fun the Ren Fest can be. I didn't drink - so migraine didn't rear it's ugly head. DH bought a kilt... NO, I don't have a picture to publish. sorry. And big surprise Janey (her funny blog is on the right, the Brit Milspouse - head on over!) , I didn't eat my head off either!
The people watching was as fun as ever. lordie lordie, the strange ones do wriggle out from under whatever rock they are hiding beneath. hee hee

My poor computer has decided to melt down it's Hard Drive, so the Geek Squad is still hard at it. I am hoping like crazy I don't lose a lot. ALL those bookmarks...all the milspouse ones! I'm hoping I get them back. This is my DHs computer he is letting me use. nice of him.

I am back at work, temping at my last job again for a little while. and waiting waiting for those orders.

anyway... see some of you at Standing By for the Army Wives discussion.



TripleE said...

I have a family member that is one that goes all out at the Renaissance Faires.
yes... an odd bird

Janey M said...

Excellent news on not eating your head off! If only I could say the same for my overindulgent self. sigh . . .
Too bad you don't have a picture of the kilt. I do love kilts. Not on my hubby though - he threatened to wear one at our wedding. I'm not sure the world is ready for his pale knobbly knees!!!

Green said...

I LOVE the Ren Fest. I wish there was one near me. I used to go in costume every year.