Thursday, August 09, 2007

MRIs, motorcycles, and such stuff

It's been a busy few days, folks. Since DH is home, we are packing, and going through lots and lots of stuff... lots of it is trash ! We are finding boxes and bins of stuff, and we are wondering why on earth we saved it. We are even finding boxes that haven't been unpacked since the last move, over 9 years ago. Tell me why we schlepped that garbage from the house to the storage locker, to the new house when we finished it and moved it countless times from one side of the root cellar to the other... We will be making our third trip to the thrift shop to drop off stuff tomorrow, these have been full size truck loads! and I won't miss any of it. Now if we could just figure out where to get rid of that Black & White Photo enlarger.....

I've had a pain in my neck (no, a REAL physical pain...not just all the other krep) so the Dr. and I decided an MRI to check on the cervical fusion I had a few years ago would be a good idea. Now these tests are not awful terrible, they don't involve a needle (my criteria for awful terrible) but they aren't fun. Noisy! so I got the results the next morning and all is well, I can have the traction and physical therapy, as well as letting my massage therapist work. Have an appointment with her this afternoon.

And he got a bike. Yamaha VStar 1100 Silverado, used but by an older person. yeah, I AM the one who said no big purchases. So I caved. So.... fine, I'm a weakling. But it was a great deal, and he has time while we wait for those damned orders to tool around and get used to it. And... this is NOT news to him, so don't worry, this is HIS car. Unless we end up somewhere where he can't ride it close to 3/4 of the year, this is his mode of transport to and from work. We are leaving both vehicles up here, selling them for what we can get. Mine has 177 thousand plus miles on it.. not wanting to start paying for repairs, the AC is very bad and the radio sucks. The Big Truck, we won't need anymore, it's over 11 years old and we used it to build the house... besides the mileage is lousy.

And we wait... still don't know where exactly we are heading, they have given us a few options and we are weighing those... but as all of my military readers know, that means diddly squat to the powers that be. WE know where we would like to go, and where we really really don't want to go. They won't give a damn (ok... dream of Rhett saying that to Scarlett..... Gable really was yummmm.... time's up!) and we know it. I'm keeping a good thought and researching housing, jobs, transportation, utility bills etc for all of the places. Makes me feel like I'm doing something constructive!

Time to get back to packing. TTYL



Kristen said...

The last time we moved, we threw away two couches.

No great loss, if you ask me, because I hated them, but we HAD to get rid of them because the apartment we moved into had entries too narrow to fit the couches through.

Now we have a futon. :)

So, while it's quite college-y, it's actually kind of nice to have less "stuff." It IS amazing the crap we lug around year after year, most of it staying in boxes and in storage, and most of it something we "must have!"

("So, Kris - you must have what's in that box?"


"What's in it?"


"But you have to have it?"


Butterfly Wife said...

I hope your neck gets straightened out. Good luck with the packing/moving thing.

Scully's Moulder said...

Awesome news about the neck thing. Not so awesome about the orders limbo. One thing I've learned about household goods is that they're like a gas. They expand to fill the available space. We have a rule too. If it's been in a box for 2 years and we haven't been looking for it, it goes away. Good luck!

Kimba said...

Get orders yet?

Army Wife said...

HA! You must go read my first blog entry evah...

I think you will like.

I promise the bike will pay for itself in the gas money you save...