Sunday, April 16, 2006

It's really spring... HONEST!

Finally. Here on the tundra, spring has arrived. Nests everywhere, the pheasants in the back acreage are yelling away! Most of the trees are fuzzing out with that amazing green, that soft sweet colour that makes your heart smile. The forsythia is showing off in it's own brazen style, the day lilies are poking up, the lilac buds are getting fat and happy. Mud, everywhere. I didn't realize how finicky the dog is, she really hates mud on her paws. But then the other day, she killed a gopher and rolled in it... so how is a little mud different?? The Harley's are out, pretty soon they will be flocking up to the North Shore and we'll hear that thunder along the back roads as they wander up and down. But I found the real, official, harbinger of spring a while ago. The ticks are out.. oh joy.

I saw spring in Mississippi, trees were blooming, and it was lovely. Spring here isn't nearly that far along yet, but I'm hopeful. And that's a good thing. The grey cloudy blah weather has been a reflection of my mood, so maybe this sunshine and new start will be what I need, to cheer up, to pull myself out of that funk I got into this winter. Now, if I could just lose the 10 (oh, c'mon... tell the truth...) 15 pounds I packed on.

The list of to do's ... is growing! Need to get the basement finished, get the cupola finished, new boiler, the mower needs to be fitted out for summer, landscaping, fill all those pots on the deck... and the job needs work too! They have been marvelous about my leaving for the deployment stuff, and for my parents anniversary.. but I need to buckle down and get to work! Lots of cases piling up, and I really enjoy it. The commute kicks my butt some days, over an hour one way... but that's what we get for moving out here right?

No new pictures of the most beautiful child in the known universe... but I'm hopeful of getting some soon.

Take care, talk to you later. ~LAW~

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brian said...

I salute your courage both in your political views and in having half your heart in Iraq. I love spring, except for the allergies, here in FL it is nearing summer. I linked through Pia(Courting Destiny) via Cowgirl(Patrioticcowgirl).
I like your posts, we need more people like you

Brian aka hummingbunny