Sunday, April 23, 2006

Amazing week..

From the property behind me, comes the sweet evening sound of semi automatic weapons fire (yeah, after 45 minutes, I have called the local sheriff's office, and the officer who answered the phone did let me know that I wasn't nuts, that is IS Semi Automatic Weapons Fire, and they are sending someone out)Cute young sheriff's deputy just came up... he's interested that the SAWF is also interspersed with High Powered Rifle and shotgun fire... so now he gets to drive around on the back roads and try to find whatever yutz is out there playing games.

Let's see... it was my birthday, and a very nice one too. a lovely card from everyone at work, roses and truffles from my sweetie in the Sand, a watch from my folks, but without the booklet and it has lots of buttons and dials and stuff.. The "kids" called, but the baby was sleeping so she didn't chat. DIL left me a lovely message the next day, with the grandbaby babbling... it was so cool!

Work is going fine. It really is a great place to work!

I am trying to get our webcams to work... AOL didn't work last night. let's just hope that MSN is going to work tonight.

Watching West Wing.. damn, I'm going to miss that show.

Talk to you later. ~LAW~


brian said...

Happy Birthday.


Boschka said...

SAWF ?????????????? What the hell is going on up there ?

Glad the B day was a good one. I tried to call but the line was busy so I figured it was the kids. So cute you got to hear from the cutest grandchild on the planet.

Have a good day


pia said...

Didn't know that it was your birthday. Glad that it was good

People shoot semi-automatics? For fun?

liberal army wife said...

oh yeah, they sure do

Catharine said...

Pia, you mean you've never just had the urge to grab the old Browning "nine mil" and head out to back behind the outhouse and squeeze out a few against some defenseless tin cans?

Grrrrllll you haven't LIVED.

(Gun fanatics... sheesh.... knuckle-draggin' buttheaded morons)

BUT ENOUGH OF THAT... let's talk... Birthdays, shall we? It was LAW's birthday, and we didn't get to sing....

And we won't now, and do you know why? Because, here in Movieland, every time we sing that pickin' song on screen, the estates of two little old ladies (ex, since they've both passed away) get paid royalties! And I'm kind of short on cash this week.

But happy birthday, you little dickens you.


liberal army wife said...

thank you all for the good wishes! I appreciate it very much... and to be honest, I really hate being sung to...

Boschka said...

hee hee..have you heard your Brother in Law G sing ??..Child can't even whistle on key


DIL said...

ahhh be nice to the poor guy its not his fault he cant hold a tune. hehehehehehe

We miss you Nana and we are trying to get the #*$@ computer fixed we will let you know when we get all the pictures emailed to ourselves and get a new one.
Tell grandpa that we miss him. As soon as I get this blog thing figured out Koti will have one kotibug.blogspot so talk to you soon


Christie said...

It's time, yet again, for the RFS Blog Awards so go nominate!