Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What on EARTH has been going on

From the amount of time I spend with a computer, you'd think this poor little blog would get some love, right? But (yeah, making excuses now) between work blogging and Facebooking, school - taking 3 classes and one that is almost over - and a bunch of other stuff... I've neglected my old friend

It's been an interesting few weeks in the military blogosphere. I'm not afraid to say I've protected myself from the nastiness of the elections - the teabaggers are so ridiculous and illogical and in some cases so viciously nasty - I don't need the aggro! I read the news, but refuse to respond to some of the BS from anyone I know. I'll jump in on a Huff Po or Legion post though!

We've been spending a lot of weekends at the Renn Faire - with our favourite group - The Rogues. The fundraiser for Operation Ward57 raised $6,000, which was great. I'm trying to come up with some more ideas for the next one. My friend Britt has designed a great card for me to hand out this weekend to some of the artisans there- who might be interested in Facebook or website stuff from me.

Cats - JJ and Emma are getting along better, although there are days when there is some pissy hissy crankiness. JJ is getting old, and it's hard to think that my buddy is changing, and slowing down. We're watching him carefully, he's losing weight even with the hyperthyroid meds.

Fall is approaching, some trees here are changing, and I'm wearing sweat shirts - time to take out the winter stuff and pack up the shorts. I'm glad, the heat here is punishing - we've had a lot of over 95 degree days, and those just slay me! I'm looking forward to crisp days and cool nights, with a fire in the gas fire and lots of soups and stews.

Take care. Talk to you soon (promise)


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