Thursday, December 03, 2009

house hunting - not so much fun

I'm househunting (townhouse, to be specific) first, we don't want a SFH, mostly because the yard work, I just don't want to be worrying about a yard that isn't mine, and when he deploys again (and c'mon, y'all, we already know he'll be doing another one in the future) I'll have to hire someone to do the heavy work, since the neck doesn't allow for a lot of hard digging!

So, in the tipping rain I saw three. First one, the yard and deck was great, but the kitchen was small, and separate from the living area, the bedrooms were ok, but the closets were terrible. It was tired, worn out and just not what I want for the $$$.

Second, the master suite was gorgeous, huge jacuzzi tub, closets etc but on the 4th floor! the other bedrooms were tiny, the kitchen was a small small galley, no yard, no deck. and parking was a nightmare

Third - decent neighbourhood near a friend, kitchen was large but appliances kinda worn out, master suite was ok, good closet, large bed/bath on the 4th that would be great for an office, deck/yard right across from the neighbours. and what a mess... owners moving out and just piles everywhere.

think I'll keep looking! I saw one on a listing, that was already gone, that was PERFECT. and one that I was supposed to see (and would have grabbed) but it's been withdrawn... sigh.

on with the sucky week, my IT guy has driven me completely crazy all week, and it's still not right... so wish me luck


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Lemon Stand said...

Since I am a true friend, I won't wish you luck... I will wish you a genie. But be careful what you wish for... (I would wish a maid, chauffeur and lawn boy) :) Hang in there.