Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day

To all the milspouses I know and those I don't; the ones who lean left, and those who lean right; the ones who have their service member home, and those who are alone because of deployment, TDY, school or whatever; the women and the men (Hey Chris, Hey Toad); To Us - a Happy, peaceful, healthy and wonderful Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

May we have the strength to keep going when it just crashes down around us; may we have the joy of seeing our spouse, our children and our families happy and contented; may we kick some serious PCS butt when we move; may we show those who are near and dear to us that we care about them.

I'll wish us all peace, love and happiness.



(army)Wife said...

Thank you! And a happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to you too :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to you!!!

Missed seeing you in VA.

Ann M. said...

Happy Military Spouse Day to you, too!

Kanani said...

Thanks! Hope everything is going well. I didn't know about the day, until I had already cleaned the house, watered the yard, pounded out a chapter in the rewrite of my novel, and ...gotten a room ready for painting tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

wish I had known that I would have waited to cut the grass

The Spears Family said...

I am offering a giveaway for Military Wives on my blog (6 winners) so if you get a chance, check it out! Ends memorial Day at 10pm