Monday, July 09, 2007

OK, done.

Done with my snit/sulk, whatever you want to call it. I should just realize that this Brigade can't do what they say, nay promise, to do. No one could, I suppose, but they have made a habit of messing up every plan I have ever had that depends on them. The question would be, I suppose, why I even start with the trusting them bit?? I don't honestly know. So, we'll live with the limbo a while longer.

Today is the last day at work. I need another week to finish what needs to be done before I turn it over to someone else! The brief from hell ate the last week. 132 pages... don't EVER do the table of authorities until everyone has put their two cents in. and make sure you tell everyone that any changes after a certain time... won't be put in. you need at least a day to get that done, the table of contents and exhibits as well.

I've started on a couple of projects, cleaning out the spare room chest of drawers (which became another clutter magnet) and getting all the Army stuff like extra uniforms etc put away properly so moving that will be easier. We both figure that if I get this type of thing done, this move may be easier .... (the sound you hear is the chortling from all the experienced military wives busting a gut.. go ahead... we all know it will turn into the stress peak it always does!) Need to get some bubble wrap.... boxes.... TAPE

Army Wives is starting to be an almost enjoyable show. but for heavens sake..THOSE BLOODY BERETS! some of these people look like they are wearing shower caps! and they have made Frank (the Major) into a cardboard cutout martinet. He's the worst of what most civilians expect of military parents. I know my father in law (a serving Navy sub commander) wasn't that way, rigid, etc. and nor was my husband. Denise, his wife, is the doormat type, at least she has been until now. Would be nice to see more of the spouses working outside the home. But I finally read the book (Tanya, good one,!) and I can see where they get some of the spouses' attributes. They sort of merged and blended them, and its easier to have most of the spouses at home.

How was your weekend? ours was SO HOT! and heavy and nasty. and then a thunderstorm with rain that made me think we were in a gale! better than the hail a couple of weeks ago, I suppose I should have expected it, I watered the plants really heavily that morning! it's the "if I water/wash the car, it's going to pour" syndrome.



Jan Wesner said...

LAW - here's the thing about the military. Just when you start to trust it, just when you let your guard down, it will kick you in the gut. Again and again.
At the same time, I have this strange love affair with my life. I can't imagine it any other way. God, what does that make me?

Catharine said...

It only took you two days to get over your snit/sulk? See, this is why I broke up with my ex-boyfriend (a Lt. Col. in the Air Force). I've said it before -- if I'm a military wife, the terrorists win. You're so much more patient and forgiving than I am. Of course, that might be for self-perservation's sake, but still...

So glad he's home and safe. If they try and redeploy him again, just dye his hair, put him in a pair of glasses with a fake rubber nose and send him to California. I'll hide him in the cookie jar until its safe. He's done his time.


Dayngr said...

Hot as hell here but who can complain right?

Military Mommy said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

I too really think Army Wives is starting to get better. We're Navy, so it is interesting to me to see the similarities & differences, though I figure many of them are "for the show". : )

Hope you are able to stay cool. Have a great week, Michelle

Cheeky said...

Yeah - he is safe and sound and home (well almost). And ok I will admit I have been lazy and haven't been around much - did I read that right you are MOVING?

Anonymous said...

LAW, Hang in there honey it won't be long. Mike is on the plane!! and he tells me there's only one more group after them! Whoo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I read your blog often and even chatted with everyone during one of the army wives episodes over on Jan's site.
I was just talking to my husband who's mobing in Wisconsin right now and he mentioned a bunch of National Guard guys who just got back for Iraq who are helping them out, while they demob- it just made me think of you and your husband and I was wondering if this could be his unit? I just thought it was a neat coincidence if it were!
Take care!

Kristen said...

Army wives IS getting better - don't talk about the uniform problems, though. That gets you jumped.

"THEY CAN'T BE ACCURATE ON TV!" I've been told more than once in my MySpace blog.

Noted! :)

Army Wife said...

my 3 year old can don a beret better

Anonymous said...

LAW, I need my own sulk, snit, whine-fest and I thought maybe you could commiserate.
We finally got a homecoming spot. An outdoor baseball arena. Then a couple of wives sent a mass email about how they were unhappy with the location when an indoor, air-conditioned arena was already available in case of rain. This started an email b*tch session. I suggested that we email the MAJ in charge of the arrangements. Obviously he would be the one who could make changes if that were possible.
You would not believe the response we received! Something to the tune of...take me off your list, I have more imortant things to do, and (the thinly veiled threat)if you don't it could delay your soldiers' homecoming.

This divided the wives into those who think we whould shut up and appreciate what we're give and those that are now more pissed.
I am so happy he is alive and coming home. I give. I will put on sunscreen and a smile and put the whole thing behind me.
M tells me he sees another deployment in his future. Is the management of this one the exception or the rule? Are they all this bad?
PS They hold the record, I'm told, for the longest number of days in a combat zone.

Janey M said...

Thanks for reading my blog! I think you are the only one . . .

How's the packing going?