Thursday, April 07, 2011

Michelle Bachmann - another revolting move

Making my calls today to the Congress and Senate and I needed to find Bachmann's phone number. Hey - calling her out on her "shut it down" bullshit was necessary. I was horrified to see on her badly set out website, a picture of her shaking hands with a young woman in uniform, on their return from deployment. That really set me off, told the twit who answered her phone in no uncertain terms that she was a disgrace! How DARE she use the military in that fashion, when she's perfectly ok with shutting down the government and making sure we don't get paid. I hope she rots. I'm so mad, I'm shaking.


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TMarie said...

I loved this comment at the end of an article on OTB about her potential presidental run: "I don’t know which is funnier: That Bachmann thinks she’s presidential material or that she’s convinced ABC and CNN that they have an exclusive."

She's so pathetic, I try not to get worked up about anything she says or does.