Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stunning week

So - yeah. pretty stunning week. Last weeks horrendous earthquake, tsunami and threatening nuclear meltdown..hard to fathom, isn't it? sitting, watching BBC reporting and remembering why I do watch them when I tried switching to some network news and seeing the twinkie factor (male or female, didn't seem to matter) in all it's glory as they asked some fatuous questions about radiation. The calm demeanor of the Beeb folks, even in the middle of total destruction and alarms, the quiet facts. FACTS, not speculation or hysteria. The facts are devastating enough, the flailing hysterics of some of the other "news" services are offensive.

I cannot imagine the terrible conditions those heroic men and women at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant are working in. This story from the Daily Mail tells it all. They know they are basically committing suicide by staying and doing their jobs. That level of courage floors me. My heart goes out to their families too.. what pride mixed with such sorrow they must be feeling right now.

Then yesterday - we started enforcing the no fly zone - bombing Libya. Now... I have such mixed feelings here. Qaddafi is insane - completely nucking futs.. and having lived there I have that personal link (tenuous, but still..) and I understand that Qaddafi only understands, in his twisted reality, force and strength. I understand what he was doing in Benghazi and the rest of the rebel held areas was genocidal. but. But. Bombing a country with all the "collateral damage" of the civilian casualties hurts the soul. Of course the thought of how are we going to do all this with what our military already has on their plate - are we getting ourselves into something else that can turn into a mess? I'm going to be cautiously optimistic.


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ABW said...

Watching the whole Libya thing unfold has been interesting. I don't see how they can stretch these guys & girls any further.