Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday - so what's the diff?

Since I started working from home, I thought Monday-itis wouldn't be a factor in my life anymore. You know Monday-itis: symptoms include groaning at the alarm clock with an alternative of heaving it across the room; shuffling dazed into the bathroom to blearily climb into the shower; sitting in traffic trying to remember all the "to do's" on the list left on the kitchen counter (damn.. my lunch is there too). I envisioned Monday mornings spent lazying in bed, gently waking to the rhythm of nature, sitting on the deck with a cup of good coffee and a book.

Enter reality: Monday-itis in my new world. Up with the husband anyway, I need the car today, it's due for servicing. I forgot, I still need to scoop litter boxes, don't I. sit in traffic to get in the gate (did I remember my ID card?) drive back; get online/on phone. make appointments. Do all those errands we used to split up - get the car worked on, call the plumber (yes, I'll be here.. of course I'll be here). Look for online jobs, don't forget to get on conferences at school - get graded on responses. juggle chequebook (that paycheque is missed....)

OK, so I don't have to brave the Metro - and yes I'm saving money there... and I'm not facing the horrific traffic (especially when part of the beltway is closed due to a water main break and ice!) and I'm not sitting at a desk in the office. I am sitting at a desk at home, as tied to this computer as I ever was at the law firm, but for a lot less $$! Today, I'm wondering if the trade was really worth it. The trade of a great paycheque for school. The trade of working in a professional office doing work that I didn't care about; for trying to find work and studying.

Monday-itis is a state of mind. After so many decades of hating Monday- it's a hard habit to break. So maybe that's why I'm hating today!



Anonymous said...

I think Monday should be the slowest day of the week. Move all those errands over to Tuesday- Tuesday never gets any of the responsibility!

Laura said...

You know, I've been working from home for 3 years now, and I love it, but Mondays still affect me in the same way. And it's frustrating, especially now that I'm in school because Monday is bleeding into the rest of the week.

Mira said...

Hi! I am new to your blog so I wanted to say Hi!
Mondays are OK, it's not their fault we hate them. LOL Any day after the weekend would suck. Hope you are having a great Friday!

Bette said...

After five years of telecommuting, I still have the Monday problem. Part of that could be that I'm not overly fond of my job right now, though. :-)

Chucking the law job to strike out on your own was brave and cool and I really admire you for it.

liberal army wife said...

Thanks, Bette. today is better - got a new client yesterday! whoo hooo.